Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Okay so yesterday was well, can I say a shopping HIGH! I got all giddy and excited inside knowing that there were sooo many TpT sellers having some awesome sales. I sure did get my shop on. Then I was blog surfing this evening and I came to Lindsey's post over at The Teacher Wife  and can I just say I got all giddy inside again. I know, I know doesn't take that much to make me a happy teacher.

So I discovered that she made this super cute sign......CHECK-IT-OUT!

It is all about your shopping purchases! The only thing I love more than shopping for teaching supplies is well talking about what teaching supplies I bought! I think I speak for tons of teachers out there. This is what my shopping cart looked like.

I went a little crazy for Second Grade Shenanigans' lessons and purchased these units:

First up is her new Writing Portfolio Unit {My year in writing} which I am super excited to start next year. I have been looking for a creative way to collect my student's writing and I am so excited about this unit. I feel like I continually collect their pieces to show growth but now I can make it centered around the students which I love. I want to make them part of the process as much as I can and this allows for that. They look so easy to put together and I just love, love reading my students writing's as well as teaching it. So this was definitely one of my favorite purchases of the night.

The second unit I purchased from Hope is her Measure Up Unit. We are working on measurement right now and I wanted to add a little spice in my measurement lessons and her unit is perfect for this. There are quite a few interactive lessons that get students using and applying measurement from centimeters, inches, feet and yards.

The last Unit that I purchased from Hope is her Gone Camping Math Centers. I wanted to end the year with some math review and her centers cover such a variety of topics and they are super easy to use/make. They are just plain great! I plan on investing in more of these for next year.

Then I bought Lindsey's Biographies Unit. I want to use these next year as a way to get to know all of my students. I also think that it will get those reluctant writers eager to share about their life and get writing.  At least this is my theory.  I are the only expert there is when we are talking about your own life, so I think it is a sure win.....I hope.

Last but not least I purchased the Lemonade Stand Unit from Sarah. After I read about how she is donating half of her proceeds to a wonderful cause I had to buy one. This is where she is donating her proceeds so spread the word and the love.


Well that about does it fr my shopping spree! I had so much fun sharing all my goodies. Make sure you head on over to Lindsey's blog and get your own copy of her cute little sign.

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