It's time to SHOP! And a Habitat Unit with 7 animal templates!

I am going to make it a quick one tonight-I promise! First I have to share with you the most adorable finger nail polish.... or should I say piece of art. I just had to share it with you all. Before we went on our week long Thanksgiving break =) we held our second grade feast. It is where all of the second grade classrooms (this year there are 6) get together and have a huge feast. All of our students and their families are invited and we all contribute to the food. It is such a fun time and most our students can't wait to be in second grade to have this Thanksgiving celebration! It really is a great way to leave for break especially because we have full bellies! Well one of my little sweethearts had her sister paint this adorable design on her nails just for the feast! Check it out...

So cute, right?! Anyways, let me get down to the real reason I am keeping it nice and short tonight, it has to do with one word, shopping! I get so excited for the TpT Thanksgiving sale. It is that time where so many amazing teachers put all their products on sale and then TpT offers an additional discount to boot! This cute little graphic is from Ashley Hughes. I mean, I can't wait to look at all the products so I know you probably feel the same way too.

I did post a new unit yesterday. It is flipbooks for seven different habitats. But what makes these flipbooks so cute, but definitely educational as well is that they are a craftivity! Each habitat has templates for a different animal which makes that 7 different animal temples in all. Yep that is right, you get all the printables for each animal! Check them out!

I think my favorite is the zebra!  I really am proud of his stripes! =) You also get all the templates for each flap of the 7 habitat flipbooks. I even made different line styles to fit your students needs. But to add in a little extra, there are habitat themed writing paper incase you choose not to do the flipbooks but want to use the animal temples. This unit has tons of choices. If you want to pick up a copy of this or any of my other products you can check out my TpT store! I hope every teacher out there takes full advantage of the sale going on because I know my cart is full of products I cant wait to purchase! Happy shopping and I hope everyone have a great week with their students!

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