Exciting News For Our Family and You!

Well I know that I have not been busy latly sharing my classroom happenings! That is because Mark and I have been very busy taking the next step in our future! It  is such an exciting time for us! Do you want to know what it is? Okay,okay you really dont have to do much twisting of my arm for this one.

I have been thinking twice about share this information just becuase it is not all finalized yet. However, I feel like the more support through all of this the better! It has been an emotional rollercoaster, and definitely harder than I thought it was going to be. When we first came to the decision that it was time to make the next move in our future and then up until this point, I didnt know what was comming until today!

My husband was able to find a job that is closer to both my parents as well as his, I think I cried! It was really such a blessing from God! There is no other way it would have been possible. So from that point on we have been looking to buy


House hunting is tough business right now in Florida! There are great deals out there but if you haven't head of bidding wars, then you are one lucky duck! The housing market has changed in the favor of the buyers but also the invistors! These investors come in offering CASH! So ofcourse anyone with a brain would pick that over a couple that doesn't! But after all the houses that slipped though our fingers, it has brought us both to the house that we will hopefully be able to call ours! We have really been believers in the the saying, "everything happens for a reason" and just trusting the plan God has for us. Want to see what it looks like? Okay well this image is from the internet because I got to excited and forgot to take one yesterday! lol! So please note the plants that in from of the drive way are not really there!=) I will have to post more picture if we are lucky enough to call it ours!

There is it! I am in love with it and the thought of being able to make this our home just makes me smile! Today we go and sign a contract and make it official! However ,as you know this is just the first step! So please keep us in your prayers. We just want a smooth transition to what we hope is our very first home! We really feel blessed to be able to buy a new home and cannot wait to see all the wonderful memories we will have together in this home.

As you all know I did mention a suprise for you as well as what has been going on with me! So I am throwing a sale like all the other wonderful bloggers our there! 20% off all my products! So if you are looking for some great products for your classroom at a great price, then make sure you check out my TpT store!

This cute little sign is from Ashley Hughes! if you haven't checked out her digital clip art, you must! Click on the image to head over to her blog!

Well that is all for today! Sorry it is not school related, but I had to keep you updated with what has been going on in my life! Thank you for all your support! =) I am off to start a big and busy day in my life. your prayers and wishes are greatly appreciated and loved! Thank you! I hope all of you have a SUPER Sundday!

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