Two New Units and A Little Freebie!

I don't know if all of you have been on spring break but I have sure been enjoying some time off as well as sleeping in! I have been starting the day around 8:30 or 9:00! It has been like a dream! lol! I have been pretty busy though.... We have the closing on our home on the 25th of this month! Yikes- it is coming up fast! So we have been trying to get everything packed up. We definitely have more stuff now then compared to when we first moved in. I am in the "let's get rid of everything" mood and Mark is more like "maybe one day we will use this" kinda mood! This is when compromise is key!!! I do have to say he got our whole guest room packed up and the bed is already taken apart! I have been less successful in the kitchen.... I am only half way done!! This is really when I wish I had a magic genie to *poof* us in our new home! That would be AMAZING!

During all the packing I have managed to squeeze out two new units! I am excited about them both, so I wanted to show you a little peek at both of them.

life cycle unit preview-1
My first unit provides resources for life cycles. I tried to think of the most common used animals and insects for this life cycle unit! It covers the growth of an ant, butterfly, chicken, frog, and mealworms.

life cycle unit preview-2

I am really excited about this writing connection I have provided int he unit! There are resources for students to create their own Diary Of A Worm addition to the series! I made it so the students can choose the animal or insect of their choice. There is a planning guide to help them get ideas about their animal's or insect's special features as well as their life cycle. Then I also included an 8 day storyboard for them to plan out their diary entries. That is just the planning and brainstorming pages. Then I have provided a cover, about the writer page, as well as diary pages in two different lines to choose from. You will also find teaching posters for speech and thought bubbles. As you know in the Diary Of A Worm series they love to use those, so I wanted to focus on this teaching point for the students. Tons of writing fun here!

life cycle unit preview-3

Next to provide some text resources I have added one article for each of the 5 life cycles covered in this unit! Exciting, I know! Sometimes finding text is half the battle, so you at least have a starting point!

life cycle unit preview-4

life cycle unit preview-5

In the unit you will also find a way to display the students understanding of the life cycle. There is a little craftivity for each of the 5 life cycles! I have also included teaching posters for all 5 life cycles as well! They are a cute little ribbon display for each one!

life cycle unit preview-7

Here is the ribbon display for the 5 life cycles!

life cycle unit preview-6

The last resource you will find in this unit is teaching posters for life cycle as well as metamorphosis. Then I have made worksheets for 4, 5 and 6 step life cycles. You can use these with any animal or insect but I have provided the stages in pictures for the 5 covered in this unit! This makes a great assessment for your students. There are lines for them to label each stage in the life cycle.

The other new unit that I have made is for addition and subtraction 2-digit numbers. It has resources for both with and without regrouping.

add and subtract

I wanted to show you the foldable that I created for this unit.

add and subtract2

This foldable focuses on both addition as well as subtraction. It also requires them to know when they need to regroup! So there ate 4 different sections in this foldable. On each problem there is a place where they need to identify what operation they are using as well as if they need to regroup! It definitely teaches them to think before they solve!

Before I wrap it up here I wanted to offer a little freebie. It is just something I have had sitting on my computer and I received a few emails asking about thinking stems. So I thought I would post it at my store for anyone else who needs a resource for this! it is nothing big, but it is FREE!

Thinking Stems-1

If you click on the product cover you can download it at my TpT store!

Well that is all I have for you today. Don't forget if you follow my store you know that I am having a SALE right now, 20% OFFall my products! The sale will be over after Monday, March 18th! Make sure you pick up some resources for reading back to school after spring break! =) You can click here to head on over to my store!


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