All I Want For Christmas...

I am sure all of you are feeling the holiday rush right about now, I know I am. Between our house and my classroom I don't know what is worse. In the classroom the kids and I have a count down to Christmas break on the board, and we are rushing to cram all the content their little brains can hold before break! Oh and did I mention I have started Elf on the Shelf this year? Well, we are only on day two, but my third graders are loving it! =) (I promise I will post pictures this weekend of all out Elf adventures!)

Our house is finally looking and feeling like Christmas! I do, however, have shopping packages all over the floor in what I like to call the present room! One of my favorite parts about Christmas is wrapping every one's gifts. Picking out the right paper/bag and the matching ribbon and bow, I really love it! I think that is on this weekends to-do list.

So I have to admit I have been doing a lot of online shopping this year for Christmas. Well let me say this, whatever I didn't get on Black Friday, I then turned to Cyber Monday. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, but Black Friday really isn't that bad. My mom and I have done it every year, ever since I can remember. So, to me, it's one of my favorite shopping days! =) But please don't think shopping for others is easy for me. It's not! I usually have a long list that I write out with the names of everyone I need to buy for. Next to their name I write the item/s followed by the place I need to go to get it. It is a pro.cess. With the idea of gifts and shopping in mind I thought I would link up with Hope King's little Christmas linky.

I really want a pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. I have never spent a lot of money on sunglasses but I tried a pair on at the store and fell in love! So they are on Santa's list.

Can I just tell you I am totally obsessed with urban decay eye shadow. I have the first color plate they created and this one looks just as good!

I have also had my eye on a few scarves from the Loft. I love all their clothes and could go crazy in there!
Last, I love Francesca's! So of course any of their dresses or accessories would be amazing!

My husband loves a good glass of Stella. So beer glasses made for his favorite beer would definitely be a hit. I mean he did this whole sales pitch about how it makes the beer taste better and I know there was more but I just can't remember it all! =)
I also found this get website ( with all sorts of great guy gifts. You have to check it out if your Mr. is a little nerdy like mine! =)

Another item on Mr. Moyer's list is a new pair of running shoes. We went to the fit to run store where they fit a pair of shoes to the way you run. He tried on a bunch of styles and decided on Brooks. But he also enjoys a good pair of Nike's sneakers!

Well I have always wanted a way to make books in the classroom. Especially when my students put together a get piece of writing.

I also would love an Amazon gift card! I get all my books from here and they arrive within two days! It's truly a wonderful thing when you open a package and smell the pages of a crisp new book. I might have a little problem! =) On second thought, when is a new book a problem?
Before I call it a night I wanted to share with you the new unit I have posted for my Daily Centers.  It is packed full of resources for Responding to Reading. This year i needed to change up independent reading a little and I am trying to squeeze as much reading and writing into a two hour block that I can! So this is what I created.

If you want to take a closer look at this unit you can check it out here! Have a great week everyone!

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