I Mustache you.....Got Milk?

So lately I have been looking around at everyone's wonderful teaching blogs as well as on Pinterest and I have just been dying to think of a way to use all the mustache things that have been popping up! So here is my very first unit I am calling it I Mustache You.....Got Milk?

It is a unit on how to create your own advertisement, but not just an advertisement a Got Milk advertisement! You might be asking why is that so great, well because you and your students will be all decked out in mustaches from beginning to end. It is full of assessments, planning strategies, publishing choices, and other fun subject connections. There is even Mustache Milkshakes involved. So if you want to grab yourself a copy of this unit, it is posted at my TpT store now. There is more than 90 pages in this unit so check it out by clicking on the first picture below!

And I just can't help myself  because I am in love with this craftivity that I whipped up! OMGGOOOSSHHH I can not wait to do this with my students this year. Oh and sorry about the wedding picture in there it was the only thing close by. You know when you are in the zone crafting the picture just isn't as important.  Just imagine it with your student's smiling faces and milk mustaches!

Also there were some activities that we have been working on in the classroom. I mentioned that we have been traveling the states, well this week we are going to have the students do the research by themselves. We have been tracking the states we go to by filling out an information page on that state. If you want your own copy you can click on the picture of  The Little Man on the Map. It is a great book you can check it out by clicking here

I hope everyone has a great week! I can't believe it is almost March! Where has the time flown?


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