Valentine's Day Freebie and 100th Day Rewind

So here is a little rewind of the 100th day activities! First up is our self-portraits of when we are 100 years old! We even have wrinkly skin and gray hair! They thought this was hilarious!

Then we wrote about what we would do with 100 dollars. I heard everything from a new house for their family, a Yorkie, 2 fish tanks (one salt water and one fresh water), and even a shopping spree to a candy store! They all made me laugh! Then the pictures of them in the 100 dollar bill cracked me up even more! So darn cute.

Next we did the 100th day snack and then had them use their snacks as manipulatives to find as many ways to make 100 as they could. It really helped the ones that were stuck on what to write after they wrote all the possible ways to make 100 using the multiples of 10!  You know how that goes!

While they were working on this I took their pictures in the photo booth! I had some really great ones in action.  The kids loved the "Super Smart" tag and the mask to make them look like a super hero! The next big hit was the 100 dollar bill! I added a laminated label on the bottom so the students could write their last name like on real money! They thought this was extra special and could not wait to see their names on it.

Minute To Win It Freebie!

Okay well now onto my little freebie for you! Here is the Minute To Win It - Valentine's Day Style activity! I included follow up activities for all the games so you can keep it academic as well! Hope you enjoy these activities and if you use them with your kiddos I would love to hear how it all turned out. Hope you and your students have fun!

Have a relaxing Sunday!


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