Valentine's Day Rewind and Weather in a Cup

Okay so Valentine's Day was a big success! We had so much fun. To be honest, I think this was the best Valentine's day I have given for my kiddos.

Alright so here we go. First I started the day with a little science that we desperately needed to get to. We are learning about the water cycle and different types of  natural disasters.  So I found this great little activity on Pinterest called weather in a cup.

The students LOVED this activity. They enjoyed seeing me add the clouds and then the rain, and then they watched the rain fall down for probably a solid 5 minutes. (At least that is what it felt like). I made some activity sheets for the students as well as labels for the cups. You can pick up your copy by clicking on the image above.

Now on to the Valentines day activities.

The first Minute To Win It game we played was Heart-A-Stack. It was a great first activity and they really enjoyed the challenge.  It didn't seem like it was impossible to achieve so they were pumped. We probably played this one 6 times before they were ready to try a new game. The most they were able to stack was 12 candy hearts, which I thought was pretty amazing. Then we graphed our results from the last round (they insisted because it was their best results).

Then we played the Licorice Chew. They were full of laughter especially when I modeled how to play this one. (I wanted to make sure their chewing was on point). I don't have pictures to show only because there was no way I could edit their faces out but still show the fun. So you will have to take my word on this one.  They liked measuring their pieces to see how much they had left. Can't you just hear them now...."I almost ate it all,I only had ___cm left".

The favorite Minute To Win It game of the day was the................ Unicorn Horn. They were giggle boxes all the way through the game. I have to admit that they even had me rolling on the floor laughing. I wish I didn't have to cover up their precious faces because they are beaming with joy and excitement.  After we played this one twice (each buddy got a chance to do each role) we wrote a how-to piece to explain the game. Since they loved this one so much they really enjoyed the writing activity and were correcting each other about what details they needed to include. Check out the pictures.

Alright, on to the last activity of the day I made Funfetti Valentine's Day cupcakes for the students. They iced them and then decorated with gummy shaped hearts. I always love to let the students do the decorating because some of there creations are pretty amazing, Tuesday was no exception. You have to check out the last picture, it's creative if anything else.

Well I think that about does it for my post. I hoped you enjoyed all the Valentine's day Activities and if you didn't download my Minute To Win It activities make sure you grab yourself a copy for next year!

The font in the photos is from Kevin and Amanda Scrap-booking Free fonts. The background in the photos are from Scrappin Doodles.


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