April Currently.....

Hey Friends! Well I just wanted to do a quick little post to let you know my happenings....currently! =)

I also have to admit that when I saw that there was a super power section and I got all giddy inside. I wish that I could really have a super power. I mean how cool would that be? Better yet, how cool would I be? Okay so my imagination did get the best of me tonight but just having a little fun.

Anyways, here is my April currently! Also as always, I got it from Farley's Blog so  just click on my currently and it will take you directly to her blog so you can check out everyone that linked up!

Wouldn't teleportation be the best super power ever? Don't want to sit in a boring meeting.....Zap! Now your at the beach sipping an ice cold drink. Don't want to wait in line.....Zap! Now you are at the front of the in line. (I don't know if that one could go unnoticed but worth a try right?) lol!

I mean this super power would really come in handy if you were running late. I could sleep in until the last possible minute! Now that would be AWESOME!

Well I think that  I have rambled on enough about this super power for one day.  Tomorrow is my Friday (I know tomorrow is really Thursday but we don't have school on Friday, so tomorrow is my Friday) Can anyone say.... Yahoo! I hope everyone has a great night and rest of your week.

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