I'm A little Under the Weather....

Well I feel like I have been saying this too much lately but, I am sorry I didn't get the post up mid week. In all honesty it has been a rough one. Monday morning I woke up and had the worst sinus pressure I think known to man {okay so I might be exaggerating a little but it was pretty bad}. Then the week went down hill from there. NO, I didn't take any days off which is probably why I am sick with an ear infection and the start of Strep Throat. This is the second ear infection this year! I haven't had this since I was a little girl! But this year I have managed to get it twice.  I don't know  about all of you but I am thinking that I must not be doing something right.

Anyways, last night was pretty rough. I have to give a little thank you to my wonderful husband. I just couldn't get comfortable because I had horrible back pain and head ache so every time I would get up {it was every hour} he was right there by my side. So needless to say I have had enough of the bed and wanted to get up. Mark is still in bed catching up on the sleep that I kept him from getting. While I am here making a quick post and trying to get myself tired enough to not think about my aches and pains.

So here is part of the traveling unit that I just wrapped up. I am showing the artifacts that the kids got to "pick up" while they were visiting a continent. The students participated in traveling to one of the other second grade classrooms to make some of the artifacts but we also made some with just our class. Since we only have 5 second grade classrooms, two {Antarctica and Australia: the two continents completely in the southern hemisphere} had to be made with the homeroom teacher. Below you can take a look at their suitcases and all the fun artifacts they created and collected along the way. They definitely became world travelers!

That is all of their artifacts! The kids really enjoyed all the "traveling" they did. In their passports we had them describe their artifacts on the lines at the bottom of the page. This way they would always be able to remember what it is that they made and what continent/country it came from. We also have them glue in a traveling stamp from each continent as well.

Okay I think that is all for now. Feeling a little sleepy. I will try and be back to post some of my freebies I have been wanting to give away as well as a ton of more classroom photos. I am hoping to be back sometime soon. Until then I wish everyone a great Memorial Day!


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