The end of the year was near, then here, and now it's been a full school year!

Well I really have so much to say. First I just want to say that I have never been so under the weather from an ear infection and cold. I was down. Way down. I think the worst part was that it came out of now where and the timing could not have been worst. The end of the year is so busy and then I wasn't there to do all the things I needed to check off my list.  So I think you know why I haven't been posting.....I have been playing catch up. So my post tonight is to show you how the end of the year went down in my classroom.

Every year we do a Luau Party with all of the second grade classrooms. We take them outside and do TONS of games and eat lots of delicious food. It is just a great way to end the year. However this year the Florida weather was not so sunny, so we had to move our activities inside. We still had a lot of fun despite the lack of cooperation from the weather. Check out how I got ready for their gifts and take a look at some action shots from the day.

I forgot to mention that I hand stamped a monogram onto all of their tie dye shirts. The kids about died when they came into the classroom and saw their shirts. They were smiling from ear to ear. I even had a few wear them to school for a second day......I didn't recommend this but hey what can I say except that they loved them.

This is probably my favorite photo from the day! Totally exhausted!

The day was a great success minus the weather! So on to other news I am also working on a Mystery Unit and putting together my freebies from my traveling unit. I still have a lot to share so check back this week..... I am back and hopefully I am going to be very productive after all this rest.

Have a great week! Oh did I mention that I am teaching summer school? you know! So the ideas are going to be coming all summer long.

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