Traveling Rewind, My Currently and a new unit!

Alright so I am finally getting around to posting how I organized the students traveling binders. This needs a big REWIND! I will also show you a little bit on what reading skills we attached to the unit. We started off by teaching the students about the hemispheres {we used an orange and labeled it and cut it apart to visually show them how the equator helped define the Northern and Southern hemispheres}. Then we labeled a map and identified the 7 continents as well as placed a compass on the map. This was the first activity we did and kept in our traveling binder.

In this picture you can see that after we visited each continent the students had placed a star on it to show we had traveled there. Then after that, the students used maps that they glued onto file folders which we used to represent dividers.  We used the same color as the map to label each continent. If you click on this picture it will take you to my TpT store where you can pick these up for FREE!

So now on to the inside of the dividers. We had the students read articles that had basic information about each continent. We called these are mini books and they were glued into the left side of the divider. They really liked doing this. We color coded each topic so that it would be consistent when we filled it out for each continent. The only one that was a little different was Antarctica. Sorry about the second picture, I just wanted you to see that the mini books opened with the information inside.

Moving right along. After they completed this we had them buddy up and read through books that we had copied for them. We taught the students how to track their thinking as well as practice answering "right there and thinking" questions. This worked out great because it is definitely a skill that the students need for third grade so I am glad we were able to review this. The series that we used {copied} for the students was the series {A true Book} that I showed you before. But in case you don't remember here it is again.

Here is what the students' books looked like. We really wanted to make sure that every student had exposure to the text!

Okay so for the questioning, this series is great because as part of the table of continents they ask a question for each chapter! Fantastic right? So those were the questions that each student was responsible for. I made a sheet for the students to use as they were reading that had all the questions typed up.  Once they found the answer they used sticky notes to write them down on and place it on top of the corresponding question. Here is what it looked like.

Now moving onto tracking your thinking. This was done on the back of each sheet. Once they answered ALL of their questions they went aloud to track their thinking. They could track connections, questions, and interesting facts. Here is what it looked like.

Now we will move onto the last part of their assignment. They had to create a summary which you can see above. In order for them to be focused and on point with their summaries we created an anchor chart to assist them in writing a nonfiction summary. This is what the anchor chart looked like.

I wanted to show you another example of a summary that one of my little ones did. I have to warn you they were very precise with their surrounding ocean facts {they needed another sheet of paper}. It really is too cute and I am pretty sure they used their map to add in their directional location.

That about sums it up. A whole bunch of learning in one binder. They absolutely loved this unit. We ended it with our traveling experience where the students created suitcases and made artifacts from each continent. I have already posted about this {here} so if you missed it make sure you check that out. However, in that post I did not offer the stickers I used to decorate their suitcases. I have put them all together and created another freebie for all of you. So if you click on the picture of the suitcase you can pick it up at my TpT store.

I also wanted to show you the book that I purchased to help with creating artifacts from the 7 continents. I purchased it from Amazon but you can probably find it at a book store as well.

I also forgot to show you some of the other resources we used in the unit. Here is a picture of those books. We read P is for Passport after we labeled our dividers. It helped kick off our around the world traveling. Then if we had any spare time {usually as their morning work} we did math from around the world.

So now that I feel complete and happy to have posted all that traveling unit information. I can now officially move on to share my June Currently with you. I know, I am kinda late on this one but better late than never is what my mom always used to tell me. So here you go.

Boy this is sure a long post, I guess that is what I get for not posting all of my traveling pictures until now.  Thanks for hanging in there with me. Anyways, onto my new unit. I have to admit something....... I thought I was going to work on my mystery unit but it turns out my inspiration shifted and I created an interactive center for reading responses. Since I am teaching summer school, this jumped up to the top of the list and my mystery unit got put on hold for a minute. I am pretty excited to use this center because I think that it will make  creating  responses easy for your students {and mine}. If you click on the pictures below it will take you to my TpT store where you can pick up a copy of this little unit.

Okay, I am off to get last minute gifts for Father's Day {well really it is groceries because I am going to attempt to cook my Dad a Father's Day Dinner}! I am hard at work on my Mystery Unit so I will post that as soon as it is finished. I am also working on a fun activity for the beginning of the year. Monday starts the first day of summer school for me!!! AHHHH, I don't know what I was thinking.

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