Drum Roll Please.... The Daily Centers Classroom Pack is Complete!

Okay, it is official, I have finished my Daily Centers Classroom Pack! Can I get a Hallelujah?! =) So I am going to get right to the products to show you everything that I offered in these two units! I am beyond excited to show you! I think you will be happy with what I created.

So up first is the Daily Centers Classroom Pack! This unit offers 7 different center materials! There are behavior webs for every center in this unit but they are not editable. However,  there is a blank set in color and in black and white. If you want the editable version hold tight that is up next! So, first up is the independent reading center.

For this center materials I have created a vocabulary poster for the word independent. I wanted to make this point clear to the students. They need to understand that this is not buddy reading. In addition to that I have made three different reading logs. There is one reading log that focuses on reading strategies for both fiction and nonfiction. Then I created one for just fiction and one for just nonfiction. To hold students accountable, I also made several different exit tickets that students can use when reading independently. If you are looking for something more that what is offered here you can check out my Interactive Reading Response Unit by clicking on the picture below!

Next is the reading partners center. I have to tell you I went totally CRA.A.ZY with this center. Check it out!

So I made 11, yes I said 11 different comprehension checks! These are called check for comprehension! I added tons of thinking stems for reading strategies. Each of the 8 comprehension checks focuses on one reading strategy with one thinking stem. These skills are questioning, determining importance, visualizing, predicting, inferring, synthesizing,  main idea, and a genre check. Then there is a nonfiction feature, story element, and summarizing checkmark to round out the last 3. I wanted to stick with the vocabulary theme so I included a partner definition. A Partner bookmark, EEKK poster along with how to choose a good partner posters are included. Finally, I created 2 different exit tickets: one that focuses on the buddy and one that allows them to respond to what they have read.

In the listening center I have included some labels to help organize your center supplies. I made labels numbered from 1-6 with headphones, seat, and circled numbers. This will help you set up and organize all of the materials for your students. There is also a step-by-step poster to help them get the listening center started. Last, there is six different response sheets for students to use after they finish listening to a story or during listening. There is both fiction and nonfiction response sheets.

Okay, I went a little crazy in this center too! Here you will have your students choose from 7 different writing activities. Of course you do not have to display them all at once. You could introduce new options over some time or you can display them all at once. There are many different writing projects your students can work on. I have provided examples on each poster and templates for each as well. You can use you paper, notecards, and other materials, but templates are provided for you, if you need them.

For the word work center in this unit there are many materials that can be used with many different words. There are 6 different worksheets that have the students use many different skills . There is also a poster for materials that students can use when at this center. I created matching labels so you can label all of your materials for students to use. Last I made letter cards in case you didn't have any in your classroom. I made the vowels red so that they stand out from the other letters. I also have a word work unit for sale where students play boggle and scrabble in one! You can check that unit out below!

Another center that I have included materials for is in the computer center! I have made computer labels to number each computer in your classroom. I also made a poster where students can look to know what programs they were allowed to go to when they were on the computer. I labeled the poster with a must-do and a can-do section. Last there are computer log-in cards that you can use so your students can log in to any program without help! There will be no more students wondering what they can do when they are on the computer.

The last of the 7 center materials is checkout books. I know that some teachers make this part of their center time and others do it as a morning routine. Whatever the time you allow your students to get new books these materials will help your checkout system. I love how it allows students to mark the spot that they get a book with the numbered clothespins so that my library stays organized. It is definitely time effective and cost efficient! This might be a system that you'd like to try!

Now to show you what's in the Daily Centers Management and Expectations Pack! This pack has tons of customizable options so you can label anything you want.

I have made editable behavior webs for your centers. I labeled some of the webs with the center name but left the bubbles blank for you to fill in with expected behaviors. However if you do not like the label I used for the center name you are still able to enter in the name as well as the expected behaviors in the bubble! So you can totally customize your behavior webs!  I have also created 22 center signs for you to use in your classroom. But again if you do not want these sayings you can type in your own. There are 8 different colors to choose from! Oh, and I almost forgot I have added clip art to the posters so every center can have a visual representation!

Next, I made rotation cards for you to use in your classrooms. Again I have added clipart and the ability for you to edit each. I made two styles: a mini version of the posters and round rotation cards for letter abbreviations. There are many different  tracking sheet options for you to use in order to keep track of the choices your students make. Hey, they have to be held accountable! One of the sheets has the option where you can type in student names as well as create a custom key for your centers.

There are also many fun tools in the is unit to use when introducing and running your centers. One of my favorites is the Daily do and Daily don't interactive sticks. When you are modeling and going over expected behaviors your students can use these interactive sticks to show their thinking! It is a great way to get everyone involved in the process. I also have stamina materials, awards for great behavior and materials for checking in.

Lastly, I have created a voice level management tool! I made a mini poster as well as elements to create a larger classroom poster. In order to make sure the students keep this volume level at their center I have created little labels for you to place at each center. You can edit them to say whatever center name you want. I hope this keeps things consistent in my room as well as yours!

If you are interested in purchasing these units you can click on the unit cover below and it will take you to my TpT store!

Have a great night everyone! Can you believe that on Monday I will be heading back into the classroom!? At least I will have a week before the kids get there!


  1. LOVE! Thank you do much for making this!!! Awesome work!

  2. The Teaching ReefAugust 8, 2012 at 5:57 PM

    Amy thank you so much! I am so glad that you enojy these units! I loved making all these center materials!

  3. These are amazing! I love the designs and colors! I don't know what you use to create your items, but it is wonderful! 


  4. Jessica,


    Thank you! I love your comment! =) I wanted to make something colorful so that it could work for a lot of teachers! So I am glad to hear you like the way I designed it! Thanks =)


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