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Well it is the day before my birthday and I spent it crafting. I know a little crazy. So I wanted to share what I have been making and organizing. The first thing up is those amazing teacher toolboxes all over Pinterest. To be honest I really just couldn't resist making one. I made Mark take me to Home Depot and we walked the whole store looking for that organizer. In so many words he was not too happy with me. I did end up finding it, FYI. In case you are wondering it is located over by the tool section not the home organization section. So then while my husband was picking up some groceries at Target I wandered over to the scrapbook section and picked up some materials. Mostly paper and these wonderful sticky squares {I will show you how I used them in a minute}. I think it turned BEA.U.TIF.UL. Here it is.....

Here is what I used to make each drawer. The paper is from Target and then I typed up the labels that I put on top of the paper.

Then I used restickable tabs from Scotch. They were WON.DER.FUL because they don't rip the paper if you need to reposition them. I mean working with those little drawers were at times tricky so these sticky tabs were great. They definitely did the trick. I just put one tab on either side of the paper {left and right} and then stuck it to the drawer.

So after that I started to put together my math centers that I purchased from Hope King! I love them. They are so easy and  I can add new centers as the year moves along. These always keep them interested because you can have the students use larger numbers or new centers they haven't seen. I mean there is no need to show them all 12 at once!  So I am so excited to have them all. Yes ALL, so I can use them in centers for the entire year.

Anyways, I found these cute folders on sale a while back, I think they are from Creative Teaching Press. So I added a sheet protector to each of them to insert the cover {this is the name of the center activity}. Then these little folders have pockets in them so I can store all the materials in the pockets. I haven't decided how I want to store them , so I am not cutting off the wholes on the sheet protectors just yet. I might be using them. I will keep you posted, but here is what one looks like for now. What is really great about this is that all I have to do is switch out the materials each month. I think that these folders are going to make the centers that much easier.


Well I am keeping it short tonight! I am also taking a much needed break from school things and celebrating my birthday. Mark has planned a surprise for me and is taking me somewhere. So I can't wait to go. Oh yeah one more update. I figured out how to make all the center signs editable so it will be coming on August 8th! I am so excited to get this out for all of you that it is almost hard to go on our little mini vacation for my birthday. I did say almost. =) I don't think I am going to have any trouble. Have a great week!


  1. Hi Shannon!

    The files are a great idea!  I found some pocket folder type of things that had a clear insert cover, but you can't really see the cover unless you push down the clear plastic part until it touches your cover page.  Your idea is much better.

    I bought my organizer, but I haven't put the scrapbook paper in  it yet.  Your looks fabulous!

    I'm a newbie blogger, so come on over and visit sometime!


    <a href="">Teaching Fabulous Firsties!</a>

  2. The Teaching ReefAugust 3, 2012 at 9:40 AM

    Thanks Corinna! I am thinking of storing them in something with the sheet protectors but I am still looking around for ideas. Can't wait to see how your toolbox turns out, I hope you post pictures.


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