Do you have a room sign? Check out this store....Plus a mini SALE!

Hey everyone! I hope, if you are on summer vacation, you are enjoying  your time off! If you are teaching summer school, thank you for keeping our students practicing those much-needed skills and strategies!
I wanted to share a cute store with you today that one of my teacher friends has started. She is so talented in the classroom as well as with a paint brush and blank canvas! =)
I don't know if you are like me but I love a classroom sign. There is something about hanging a sign outside your room that makes it feel like YOURS. Plus what teacher doesn't love a cute and custom sign? It's pretty hard to resist if you ask me.
So I know most of you are familiar with my classroom sign that I have posted in the "dive into my room" tab at the top of the page. If not, this is what I am talking about...
door sign
However, this sign was pricey and not to mention the other problem being that she isn't making teacher signs anymore. I figured I was going to just take it with me and well, just deal. If you are like me, it is really hard not to have everything matching. Believe me at first I had convinced myself, but then my OCD kicked in and I had to do something about that sign!
Then I remember my wonderful and talented friend Julia! We had her paint a sign as part of a gift for our intern's graduation. It turned out amazing and she loved it! Check it out...
ohlrich sign
It's so bright and colorful! I just adore it and so did our intern and kids! =) I got to thinking (which is never a good thing.. ha!) about my sign dilemma and then it hit me.... Julia! So I started putting together a few ideas and talking with her. Now no more worries because my new sign is in the works! It's not done yet, but as soon as it is I will post a few pictures! I am so excited to have a new matching sign for my new room theme.  It's the little things right?
In the meantime, if you are like me (in need of an adorable sign)  you can check out her store! You have time before the school year starts up, so it's the perfect time to order one. Yes, that's right she has opened a store and you too can have a creative one of a kind sign for your classroom!
creative designs by julia
You can click on the store sign above and it will take you right to her store on Facebook! I am telling you she is so creative and the best part about it is that she is a teacher like you and me! So she totally understands the idea of matching! =)
BTW if you are not a canvas kinda teacher and want somethings extra adorable she also paints letters to spell out your name! Check out this cute sign! I have also seen teachers put the letters on desk fronts or on the wall in their classroom. They really are cute and the design possibilities are endless!
letter sign
So if you are in need of a sign (what teacher isn't) then make sure you give her store a little visit. Interested?? Just send her a message to start the ideas and design process!
Before I head out for the day I wanted to update you on the Mentor Text Units! Yes, the answer is YES, they are coming! I have been so busy with family gatherings and house decorating =) that I haven't had much time to produce all the units as fast as I had hoped. But they are in the works! I promise.
Right now I am working on:
writing mentor text organization
Teacher Text Organization
My goal is this weekend! It's always good to set a goal! =) RIGHT?
So in the meantime I decided to put my finished and uploaded Reading Mentor Text Organization Unit on SALE. For one day only I have put my newest organizational materials on sale!  Click on the product cover to pick up a copy at my TPT store. You can read about all the materials you get in the unit here. Trust me it's a TON!
mentor text reading
Alright that about does it for me! Hope everyone has a great day.  It is finally not raining here in Florida so I think I might head out for a bit of sunshine!

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