A Rockin’ New Classroom and Some Rockin’ New Units!

I can’t believe that summer is coming to an end! I have to admit that this summer has been wonderful! Every year since I have started teaching I have taught summer school. This was the first year I was able to have the summer off! I. loved. every. minute.
With that being said I am so excited to get back to the classroom. I have missed it and my students. I know that I mentioned that I will be looping to third grade this year. That means I will be able to see the same sweet, smiling faces in two weeks. I am thrilled and I know they are too!
When my third graders come walking thought that door I want them to love the room! So I decided that a decor change was in order. Not to mention that I had to move rooms….that was an experience. I went from the front of the school on the first floor to the back of the school on the second floor! Can you say, exhausted? So- needless to say- I have a ton of decorating to do!
I decided with my students that we would do a rock and roll theme for this year. So as soon as the last day of school was behind me I started to get ideas, create materials, and craft, craft, craft! I will have a ton of new classroom photos to share with you once I can get into my classroom! That is not until Monday! I am freaking out just a little okay a lot! I was able to sneak in two weeks ago before they started cleaning. This is what I did!
word wall
I printed, cut, laminated, cut again and then added ribbon to Hope King’s word wall cards. One of her classroom decor units matched my theme and has the same background that I used in some of my decor products! I totally scored on that one! Cute and matching, what more could a teacher ask for? =)
word wall done
Here is how I decided to hang my word wall! I had the perfect amount of cabinets to hang all the letters! Don’t you love when things work out? I know I do!  I placed two letters per cabinet door, so with 13 doors each cabinet has two letters. I plan on using the Velcro dots to add the words on the ribbon.
I also finished putting up a number line on my very skinny bulletin board! The numbers are from Hope King’s decor unit (the one I mentioned  earlier) fit perfectly in that space! Sorry this picture isn’t that great… I will take a better one next week once I can get into my room again! I just loved the visuals she put with each number!
Rockin Classroom Jobs
I also started to put up my Rockin’ Responsibilities unit. I didn’t get to finish putting up all the elements yet, so there is still more to come. I have cute little decor elements that need to be added, plus the kids names. I know that I am looping but at my school the population tends to move a lot, so I don’t totally know what kids ended up staying! I am crossing my fingers all of them did. So to save on time and ink I haven’t printed their names yet!
Rockin' Classroom Jobs
The unit is in a Power Point file so it is all editable! I know I like to customize my materials so now you can too! This is also great because each year when you get a new group of kids you can just open up your file and edit away!
Rockin' Classroom Jobs2
In the unit you will find a description of how I plan to use the responsibilities in my classroom. I love when everyone has a responsibility, so I created eighteen different jobs. You can choose the ones you like, use all of them, or redefine the ones I have. It is totally up to you. If you have more than 18 students, some of the jobs can allow for multiple students doing the same job. For example, equipment manager cleans up materials. Well, you could turn this single student responsibility into a multiple student responsibility by simply assigning one student from each table this title. So this one job is now four jobs. The file is in Power Point so you can write your own job descriptions that fits your classroom and students. A great way to get the older students involved is by having them come up with the descriptions they will be responsible for!!
In addition there is matching job display cards, a job application, and an employee of the month display poster! The employee of the moth is a great way to motivate students to do the best job they can at their responsibility! They will love seeing their picture up there!
door decor
I also did a little door decor. I purchased two bulletin board collections that I laminated and hung up. I loved the  diverse group of kids that are rockin’ out! You can check out the bulletin board collections from Amazon by clicking here and here.
classroom sign by Julia
I am also so excited to show you my new room sign. Julia over at Creative Designs finished my sign! I love the way it turned out and it totally matches the bright stripes in all my other room decor elements. I can’t wait to hang it up! If you need a room sign make sure you check her out!
So to keep up with my rock n roll theme, I have created materials like CR-A-ZY! Here is a look at some of my new resources.
Rockin' Behavior Management-1
I have created a behavior management materials for a guitar clip chart. I originally saw this idea over at the Inspired Apple. Abby definitely inspired my creativity for these materials.  Her guitar was so cute I knew that I just had to create one.
rockin' behavior management
I created editable parent reference guides that go over each level of behavior. This image shows you two different filled out version of the reference guide. However you do have the option of creating your own reference guide to fit your classroom needs.
rockin' behavior management2
I have also taken the time to create all the templates you will need to create your own guitar clip management system! That was not easy, so I hope you really love that I made a guitar base template! Also I made 3 color combos for you to choose from and a black and white version that you can use with colored paper! I tried to make it super easy for you to make fit your classroom decor!
rockin' behavior management3
To make rewarding your students for great behavior easy, I have included classroom cash and wallets! My school hands out money to students as a school wide behavior management system and they love it! I do have a classroom store where the kids use their classroom cash to buy things. It creates a great understanding of money management and they love when they get their cash, especially when their wallets start to get thick! My students were in love with the wallets. They are the perfect size to fit in their pencil boxes and it makes them feel in charge of their money, even if they do spend  a lot of it!! =)
Rockin Reading Groups
Alright, so moving grades sounded like such a great idea until I started thinking about how many things needed to change! EEkkk! right? Something else that I revamped was my guided or small group reading materials. All of my books are changing! New grade = new levels and new levels means I need new labels! So I have created a unit will materials for you to organize your groups as well as materials!
Rockin Reading Groups1
In here you will find twelve different group names. The group names are centered around the idea of music genres! Each group name has a mini display which is the size of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper or a group header with corresponding student name labels is provided. Then I made rotation pieces for each group and days of the week labels so you can create a rotation display board. It’s perfect for pocket carts or bulletin boards. Not to mention it is great for when you need to make changes to your schedule! Everyone including the students, classroom aids and administrators that walk through will know what is going on! Oh I almost forgot to mention that it is all customizable! You can type your student’s names right into the group and then print it out and laminate it!
Rockin Reading Groups 5
I have also made assignment check-off sheets for easy reading group grading. I also included a little listen and go assessment sheet that I use with my students to quickly check in on their reading. It is easy and provides documentation for when I need it! They best part about it is that it’s fast, I can usually complete this in three minutes (plus or minus a few depending on the student, each student  is different).
Rockin Reading Groups 6
So remember how I needed to create new labels for my guided reading books, well here they are. I included two options for labeling your books. You can use the DRA levels A-Z or the Fountas and Pinnell A-70. I am not really familiar with the Lexile system of leveling texts but if you need that and can help me though how you level it, I don’t mind creating a Lexile set.  There is really a ton of materials in this unit! I don’t think I showed a picture of it, but I do include an editable binder cover as well.
Because these units focus around one great theme, I decided to offer all the materials in a mega rock and roll bundle! If you are interested in all the material plus MORE, you can pick that bundle up by clicking on the cover below! It’s even at a discounted price! =)
A Rockin' Classroom Bundle
I think I have overloaded you all with enough for one day! Have a great night and enjoy getting ready for your students! If you already are back with your kids, I hope you enjoyed ever second of your first day!

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