A Lot of New Things to Share!!

Well I know that it has been awhile since I have posted but I think I have a good reason! I have been super busy at school! Teaching third grade for the first time is well the only word that comes to mind is, URGENT!! Lol, I know that wasn't what you were thinking was it?
Being in third grade there is such a sense of urgency in everything you do! It consumes you or at least it consumed me! No really! Literally, I have been eating, sleeping, breathing and maybe even dreaming about 3rd grade content! Not only is the content new for me but our county just adopted Common Core State Standards too! So I am experiencing A TON of new in my life!
With all that being said, I LOVE IT! I feel like I have grown so much of the past two weeks! My team this year is AMAZING and we are really coming together to support each other! I can't tell you how lucky I feel to not only have had a wonderful team in second grade but now I have another great team in third grade! I truly feel blessed and I know that this is a rare thing, so I truly treasure my fellow educators! =)
Speaking of fellow educators, I have been buying up resources from 24/7 Teacher! Her resources are AMAZING!! I can not tell you how helpful they have been! My two favorite resources that I have purchased are:
HW bundel 247 teacher

math 247 teacher 
I can't say enough great things about them! You really just have to check them out for yourself! I use the reading passages for homework and I am telling you my students LOVED it! The have purposeful homework that I didn't spend a minute creating them! They are truly wonderful and just what I needed! With everything new this year I had to find relief from somewhere and homework was the place!
This is now part 2 of this very disjointed post!! Sorry for the jumping around!! However, I am pretty sure all of you will love this next update!!
I have been working on updating the Blog and Facebook Page! Do you like the new buttons at the top? I am pretty proud of them! If you look closely, you will see that I now have an Instagram button! Yep, I have crossed over to the other side and I am now totally obsessed with it!! HA! I have been taking pictures like crazy! If you follow me, I take snapshots of my upcoming units and freebies along with other randomness!! So you will be the first to see them if you choose to follow my account!
instagram button
Another announcement I wanted to share with you is that I have decided to move my blog URL! This decision goes way back to the very start of this little blog! It was a debate that I had with my husband at the very beginning and I lost, until now!! =) So many of my fellow bloggers have a Blogger account and so many of my fellow teachers follow blogs on Blogger! So my point was finally made!  So, if you aren't already in the new URL (it forwards you without you even knowing) here is a little button to take you there!
New Location
Once you are here make sure you follow me on Blogger! I will be leaving this web address up and running for awhile until everyone has a chance to bookmark the new address! Thanks for understanding and I hope you find this more helpful!
Another change I have made is to my Facebook Page! I have been working hard to add the Fan Freebies section so that I can offer all my followers extra Free products that you can only get by becoming a Fan of the Teaching Reef and liking my page!!  Right now I have 3 new freebies that you can grab a copy of!
Rock Star Binder Freebie 
This is customizable with your name on the binder! There is also color and black and white options!!

Rocking Birthday Gift 
This is a fun and different take on the birthday balloons you can give your students on the birthday! Let me just say that I think I might be the COOLEST TEACHER EVER for giving these out! My students eyeballs grew ten times their original size!! This is what they look like if you are curious.

Rockin' Birthday Guitars-16 
You will need to buy a box of GIANT Pixy Stix to make them!

M&M Gift Tags 
My last little freebie that I just uploaded is a gift that you can give your students or fellow teachers. I made M&M cookies as a beginning of the year gift and attached the tags you will find in this freebie. I have included beginning of the year as well as end of the year tags. You could even make them for parent night at the beginning of the year! (I just thought of that idea!) I did include the recipe link for the cookies I baked!  Oh an I made them in PPT so you can add your name to the tag!!
Remember you can pick all these products up by becoming a fan of my Facebook Page!
Alright one last announcement before I need to go read over my materials for Monday! A teacher's work is never done! I wanted to give back to all my followers in some way and I always like to try something new each year. I just love seeing my TpT store increase in followers everyday! I truly feel blessed and I just feel like I need to give all of you something back. I thought about it for awhile and then I decided that I would make it easy on all of you and on myself! I am going to give my new products away to the first 3 people that leave me a comment with the following information;
1. Your name
2. A little something in the comment (it can be anything really)
3. Your email address (I have to have this to send you the product!!)
Are you ready to give it a try!? I know I am! the first 3 people to leave me a comment are going to get a copy of my number one selling product! I thought I would start out with a BANG! You will get a free copy of - drum roll please -......
Habitat Flipbooks
I hope you like my new idea and I can't wait to see who will snag up a free copy of this!
Well, that is all I have for now. I will be back soon to talk about some of my upcoming units! It's all about new centers and how to make reading and writing work together!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog after searching for some Daily 5 resources. Love it and will definitely be following! I would also love your habitats unit! Thanks. Lynsie

  2. Hey Lynsie!
    Thanks so much for becoming a follower. I am having some trouble with my comments, so I think I got it up and running now! Anyways =) I am sending the unit your way! I hope you enjoy it!

    Shannon Moyer

  3. Hi Shannon! Your Habitat unit looks fantastic! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE the 24/7 teacher too and have been purchasing her resources! Amazing!! I am your second follower! :)

  4. You are so kind to give me a shout out. I am honored and humbled. You have made my day! Your blog is so incredibly cute! From what I see here you are an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G teacher! Keep up the good work my friend! Your students are lucky to have you.

  5. Amy, Thank you so much! Your products have been such a huge help this year! =)

  6. Your site reminds me of how cool the teaching profession really is! I ran into it looking for something on Habitats on Pinterest. I know I'm probably late, but can you please, please send me the Habitat Science Unit?! What I've seen of it so far looks fantastic!


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