Daily Centers Classroom Pack 2 and FLASH SALE!

It's true! Yes, I am working on making a Daily Classroom Pack 2! To be honest it has been on my mind since last year. I wanted to give my students other options but I am going to be totally honest here, I was just too busy! Wrapping my brain around creating more centers to change out was too much to take on so it was written down on my to do later list! lol! Does any one else have a list like that? I sure hope so! I promise I don't do it to procrastinate, more like give myself more time to complete it! =)
So to tell you what I have been working on so far with my Daily Centers Classroom Pack 2 (DCCP2)! Just so you are with me on this, I am going to create my own acronym so I don't have to type that out each time! Yep I am going to be a little bit lazy!

Anyway, let me get to sharing the centers I have finished so far. When I first posted about my DCCP1 I had so many requests to post each section as it was completed. So with this pack I thought I would do just that! I know that you might not need new additions for each center, so I thought I would offer them separately for now. Then once I finish all the new additions I will put them in a bundle! This is great because I can work on them as time is available for me as well as offer you the resources right away! So here is what I have done!

The first part that I completed for my new DCCP2 is focused on writing! I'm sure you probably guessed that already!

I decided to make writing menus to give my students more choices during writing. What I noticed is that some of my struggling writers also struggled with coming up with what to write about. So on the menus you will find tons of prompts. I focused on 3 main topics that each prompt will fall under. They are imagine if (creative narrative writing), what do you think (state your opinion), and try something new (how-to, menu, list, etc.). Each month provides different choices and ideas for your students to write about. However, with all those choices I needed to provide some layout and organization to the prompts. This means in addition to the monthly prompt menus you will also receive the templates to go along with it! There are tons of templates!! If you want a closer look at this you can check out the product over at TpT!

Also TpT is throwing a sale for reaching 100,000 likes on Facebook! So I have put all my products 20% off until tomorrow! So go shop, shop, shop! Don't forget to use the code below!

The border is by Creative Clips and the font is by Kevin and Amanda!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! Also the first 3 people to comment below will receive my new DCCP2 {work on writing supplement} for free!


  1. Hi Shannon! Your new supplement looks fantastic!! :)

  2. I would love a copy. Thanks


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