It's been.......too long!!

HELLO out there! I am so embarrassed that I have not posted in about 2 months! But I have a really great excuse that will make everything understandable and hopefully excusable! =) 

My husband and I decided to start expanding our little family. Yes, that means we decided to start trying for our first child. Now mind you, we decided this in all the chaos of end of the year testing, parties, and of course report card checks, RTI documentation, you name I was busy!  Did I mention that my husband is going back to school for his masters and he is working on his graduating project! 

Well I am happy to announce, that after trying for only a month, we got pregnant and are expecting our first child! That's right I'm going to be a MOM! I love saying that! =)

You are probably wondering about my pregnancy symptoms. Well I have to report that I have been blessed. The only side effect I have is extreme fatigue. I'm taking like, out like a light within five minutes of sitting down. It is the kind of sleep that when you wake up from it, you wonder what day, time, or even where you are. lol! Dazed and confused! So it has really effected my blogging schedule. I normally blog at night after I get home from work, but ever since I have been pregnant, all I can do is, well, sleep!

So I am happy to report that I am sixteen weeks along and finally getting some much needed energy back! It also helps that I am finally done teaching summer reading camp too! 
There she is! I am so excited to finally announce her to all of you! I am going to need all the advice I can get my hands on. So all you moms out there, if there is something that you just can't live without, please leave me a message and tell me all about it! 

Now onto some school matters. I have posted a freebie for all of you. I feel so bad I have not been of much inspiration lately. So hopefully this makes it a little better. It is the classroom rules that I have hanging up. I had received a few emails about them a while back and decided this would be a great way to get back in the groove! I hope you can find them useful in your classroom! Just use the picture below to take you to my TpT store.

I just have one other little project I wanted to share with you. I am in the process of making some rock and roll classroom positive posters. I made a few quotes at the end of the year to help my third graders believe in themselves during testing time. They really loved them and I would see them look up during the test for a little encouragement. So I thought why not make some for the beginning of the school year. 
If you want to check out the positive posters I made for my students during testing you can check them on by clicking on the picture below. Once you are on the product page, just click the preview button and you can see all the posters you will get in this unit.

Before I head out here is a look at the posters I am creating for my rock and roll theme!

Coming Soon!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer! 

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