It's Time to Say, "Hello, Again!"

I am so happy and all around giddy to be back blogging! Most of you know that last year my husband and I announced that we were expecting our fist child. It has been such a wonderful journey, one that I wanted to soak up every. single. experience. So, that is why I decided to take a little break from blogging. It has been a little over a year now since my last post, and wow, a lot has changed! 

Here is a quick recap of my journey! My pregnancy was an absolute joy so much so that I was able to work right up until our school district's winter break as well as celebrate Christmas with all of our family. It wasn't until New Years Eve that I started to have contractions, go to the hospital to only be sent home to labor until my water broke! All I can say is "AAAhhhhh" and at this point it was not a very happy new year... yet!! Ha! After what seemed like eternity, we welcomed our sweet Ella Rose into this world on January 2nd. (Cool little fact: I was born on August 2nd) My recovery was rough since Ella and I experienced what the doctors call Shoulder Dystocia. At times it was not easy but when you see the sweet face of your child, it seems gives you all the strength you need.
Here are a few photos I had taken of Ella Rose when she was 10 days old.
Today Ella Rose is almost 8 months old. I can't believe how much she has changed and grown. Time really does fly!

However, with all her growing up I have some how managed to squeeze in a little bit of creating. Even though I have taken a year off from being a classroom teacher, I still remain connected to all of my teacher friends and love creating things to help them in their teaching journey.

I first made some Whole Brain teaching posters that I posted as two different freebies. You can check them out here and here.

I also created a set of Attention Class posters. It is a fun chant that I used to get my students attention throughout the day. You can pick up a copy here.

Last, I added a blank portable word wall that each individual student can use and keep in their folder. If you are in search of one make sure you get this freebie here.

I hope you can use some of the freebies that I have posted. Before I wrap up this post I also wanted to share two of my newest units that I have posted.

The first unit is all about creating purposeful PowerPoints. When I was in the classroom one of my biggest struggles was posting objectives. I just was never great about posting a new sheet of paper or writing on the board. It never felt like it belonged in my routine however i tried to implement it. Then one morning I decided to try using PowerPoint.... it changed the way my students talked about our daily objectives. It felt smooth and if we were struggle with the language I could easily edit right on the spot with my students. From that point on whoever walked into my classroom to ask my students what they were learning, we had it down!! Also, another bonus, it freed up some board space! So one thing lead to another and before you knew it my students and I were creating rubrics and answering essential questions with ease. The understood the purpose of every lesson!!!
This unit includes daily objective, essential questions, 3 rubrics, exit tickets as well as black slides for 7 different subjects. It is all editable and brightly colored.Just click on the preview images above to grab yourself a copy!

The next unit I wanted to share with you is classroom labels! This has been on my "To Do"  list like FOR.EVER. But on the bright side, it gave me time to think about how I wanted them to look. I hope you find them helpful and use them to label-up your classroom! ha!

Each card that you will use to label all your classroom materials will have the word, a picture and the syllabic dots (when appropriate). I also underlined spelling patterns so that when your students are trying to read each label they are reminded that it falls under a spelling rule! You should know that I have included 96 different labels. You can click on the product cover above if you would like to snag a copy of this!

Well that is all for know! I am so glad to be back and sharing what I love to do. I hope everyone has a wonderful week with your new bunch of students.

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