Main Idea and Details With a Little How-To Writing

In my classroom this month we have been learning about many famous African Americans. We have been learning about what they did, where they live according to the US regions and states as well as learning many new comprehension strategies. We have learned about Harriet Tubman, Henry "Box" Brown, George Washington Carver, Ruby Bridges and the Little Rock Nine. This week we will be learning about Rosa Parks, Jesse Owens and Martin Luther King Jr. through main idea and supporting details .

In order to get my students understanding main idea and details I have made a visual as well as an organizer to go with it. Check out my pictures on How-To make a table from poster board. Also if you click on the picture you can get the organizer that I made to go with this activity.

I have also been using Amy Lemons great Black History Unit. This week we will be making her bus main idea and details organizer to go with Rosa Parks. If you haven't checked this unit out you should. Just click the link below to see her unit on TpT.

When we learned about George Washington Carver we followed up in writing with a how-to make a PB&J sandwich. The kids loved this. I acted like I was hosting my own cooking show and I would call on a member of the audience to tell me then next step in order to make the PB&J. Lets just say they learned really quick that they needed to use specific details in their direction in order for me to make the sandwich correctly. I didn't do anything but what the kids said. Every year I have someone that doesn't say to use the silverware to spread the peanut butter, so in goes my hand!  They love it and from that moment on I have their attention!

I have some other exciting news. I finished my classroom page on the blog so if you get a chance click on the dive into my classroom button at the top of the page and check it out! If you have a classroom post I would love for you to leave a link  so I could see all the amazing ideas all of you have in your classroom!

Also I have some new buttons on my blog. I made a button for TpT and Pinterest. So with the click of the mouse you can check out my boards on Pinterest and then see my Tpt store. My TpT store only has my freebies posted. I am working on some units that I will post in the near future. Check out the buttons! A quick thanks to my wonderful husband for getting them up and running!

Well I think that is all for tonight. Hope everyone enjoys what is left of their weekend and that they have a wonderful upcoming week at school with your students.


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